Saturday, 3 March 2012


A woman was having sex with her

lover in an apartment 20 stories high
when the husband suddenly
returned from a long trip.

 she heard footsteps of her husband approaching, so
she told the lover, "
don’t move at all I will resolve

the husband came in and the
following dialogue ensued...

Husband:       who is this? (pointing to the lover)

Wife:              oh sweetie this is just a robot I bought to have sex with 
                      when you are not around such that I would not cheat 
                      with your friends or neighbors since you know you are
                       always travelling. And I’m a woman, I have needs.
Husband:        ok I understand perfectly. Well let’s
                       do a quickie now I came home as fast as I could, I am
                       extremely starved honey.

Wife:               no honey yesterday I got my menstrual period. Take a
                       bath and let me prepare you something to eat. 

The husband is left alone in the room
with the lover as the wife walked out.

Husband:         hey I’m so horny let me take it out on this robot instead. 
                        (He tried to enter the robot from behind, and with a metallic
                        and robotic voice the lover proclaims)

Lover:              “system error! system error!! wrong hole”

Husband:          what! this crappy robot, I’m going to throw it
                         out of the damn window. 
                         (The lover realizing he is 20 stories high exclaimed)

Lover:               "software update you can try the hole again! I repeat, try the 
                          hole again!

                                                                              - Aluko Olumide Rapvirus

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