Thursday, 22 March 2012


A Nigerian man living in Sweden decided to
marry a Swedish lady in order to be legally
certified via resident status... but the lady was
not aware of this. She felt he really loved her.
Anyway, seeing that Nigerian men had a bad
rap in that particular part of Sweden, our
chap decided to lie to the lady. He told her he
was from Uganda.
Upon marriage, the lady came home one day
and informed our man that she had just met
another Swedish lady who had married a
Ugandan and they must all have dinner
The Naija man was somewhat perplexed,
although not perceptibly, and wondered how
he'd get out of this spot. He postponed and
postponed until he could do so no more.
Finally, the day came when they were to have
dinner. The other Swede came in with her
Ugandan husband and they all sat at the table.
Our Naija chappie was very quiet. "My own
don spoil today" was all he could think.
The two Swedish ladies, wanting their
husbands to mingle, being from the same
homeland, asked them to speak to each other.
"Hey! It's not every day you meet people from
home.!" they admonished.
Our Naija man, being a man of great savvy,
decided that he would just speak Yoruba, and
the guy would probably assume he was from
some part of Uganda where they spoke a
different language. So looking across the
table he said: "Egbon Eko ni mi se? Ni bo lo ti
ja wa?" In Yoruba, this loosely translates to:
"I'm a Lagos man. Where did you come
from?" Remember, Lagos is a state in Nigeria,
and it used to be the capital.
The fellow looked up at our friend. His eyes lit
up as he said: "Ah, bobo gan! Omo Eko ni mi
se! Omo Eko gan gan!" In Yoruba, this loosely
translates to "Hey buddy! I'm a Lagos child. A
REAL Lagos child!"

                    Aluko Olumide Rapvirus

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